The Student Life


The period which is spent in educational institutions under the guidance of teachers to receive an education is called the student life. It is the most important and the happiest period of human life. A student gathers knowledge. Builds up his character and makes himself what he should be in the future. It is the sowing season of human life. If one remains Idle at that time, one cannot reap a good harvest.

Early duty:

The prime duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. That is why he has to read the textbooks prescribed by the authorities. But he should not confine himself to these books only. During his leisure, he should read magazines, newspapers, and periodicals. That will increase his knowledge considerably. After school hours a student is required to take physical exercise to develop his body. He learns the value of discipline without which success in life is impossible.

 An Ideal Student:

The life of a student is not always a bed of roses. An ideal student must read wisely and assimilate what he reads. A student should prepare himself in the best possible way to be a worthy citizen in the future. So, he has to train his mind, body, and brain. For all these, he requires a guide. He should remember that life without a guide is just like a boat without a rudder.

Voluntary work:

During times of epidemic famine and flood in the country, students should distribute medicine. Food etc. to the needy people. These activities give them practical training.


The foremost duty of a student is to form a good character. He should remember that character is the crown of life. He must practice honesty, truthfulness, generosity, sympathy, and obedience. He should bear in mind that a good man is better than a good certificate. A student should keep away from active politics.

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