The Seasons of Bangladesh
The Seasons of Bangladesh

The Seasons of Bangladesh


Bangladesh which is rightly called the favorite playground of nature is visited by six seasons in a year. They appear one after another. They are caused by the annual motion of the earth. These six seasons is the Summer, Pains, Autumn, the late Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Each season consists of two months. Each season has its peculiar characteristics.

The Summer:

The Summer season advances with its own aspects. It comprises the Bengali months of Baishakh and Jaistha. It is the hottest season of the year. There is hardly any rain. Nature becomes lifeless. The rays of the sundry up rivers, canals, and ditches (E), In the first month of Summer there are frequent violent storms which are called kalbaishakhi. Summer has its blessings also. We get mangoes, jackfruits, litchis, and many other juicy fruits in this season.

The Rainy Season:

The rainy season follows the Summer. It extends over the Bengali months of Asharh and Sravan. During this season the sky always remains cloudy. It rains cats and dogs. The dried-up canals, rivers, ponds, etc are again full to the brim: Vast tracts of land with their crops go underwater. Here and there rivers overflow their banks and cause the flood.

The Autumn:

Then comes the Autumn in the months of Bhadra and Aswin. The sky becomes clear and nature looks bright. The Hindu festival Durga Puja’ is celebrated in this season.

The Late Autumn:

The Late-Autumn is the forerunner of the winter. Towards its latter parts, the regular cold begins to be felt. The Bengali month Kartik and Agrahayan make this season. It is the season of plenty and abundance. It is the harvesting period of the golden paddy.

The Winter:

The winter season lasts for two months Poush and Magh. Nature seems to be dull. A cold wind blows from the north. The poor suffer much from cold. Various kinds of vegetables are available in this season.

The Spring:

Last of all comes Spring. Falgoon and Chaitra make this season. It Is the king of seasons. Trees put on new leaves and flowers bloom. The wind blows gently giving us a new lead of life. The cuckoo appears with its enchanting melody.


We enjoy these six seasons. The change of season takes away the dullness and monotory of our lives. They provide us with varieties of flowers, vegetables, and fruits. These six seasons give our country the natural beauty of various Sights, sounds, and colors. So we are really proud of our land.

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