Street Children

The street children are those who move along the roads and have no definite place or house to live in. They move on streets, eat the leftover from the roadside dustbins, and sleeps on footpaths. The street is their home. So, they are called Street Children. Sometimes these street children have parents. But their parents don’t have any concerns about them. They are left behind without any care or attention. Some of the street children don’t have their parents to maintain their expenses. They have been left by their parents either because of their illegal birth or because their father and mother have gotten married twice or thrice. Finding no other alternative, they take shelter on the streets. To them, streets are the safest place for their living. They like to take a breath under the open sky. Most of the time they live on their own earning. They often work as a day laborer, some of them work as servants in the house, and some are living by odd jobs. For earning their bread, they often engage in illegal activities like stealing, smuggling, etc. For their survival, they are bound to do many things. They even don’t have any idea about their tomorrow. They don’t get a square meal let alone medical treatment. Unhygienic living, they often fall victim to several life-taking diseases. Some of them die because of several infectious diseases. Some street children work at factories and workshops. They also face unfortunate death. On the other hand, they also face the physical and mental torture of some cruel owners. They are deprived of their basic human rights. In our country, there is no strict law or policy to save the lives of these street children. Children are considered our future generation. So, it is an essential duty of every human being to keep them safe and happy. Otherwise, our future will be covered with a cloud of shame and repentance.

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