Independence Day of Bangladesh

Independence Day of Bangladesh

In the past, most countries of the world were under foreign colonies; British, French, Spanish, and so on. Bangladesh was under Indian Subcontinent that was governed by British governance for two hundred years. In 1947, this continent came into being from the grasp of English. In 1971, we, Bangladesh, achieved freedom from the west Pakistan regime and now our Independence Day is the 26 March. From 1947 to 1971 is a long walk of freedom. The seed of freedom was sown in 1947 and it was germinated in 1971 through the independence of Bangladesh. We observe this day in a befitting manner every year.

Background Of Independence 

In order to protest Urdu as a state language, the All-Party State Language Council was formed. In 1952, the ‘State Language Bangla’ movement became more forceful. To stop the movement police opened fire and many including Salam, Rafique, Jabbar, Barkot received martyrdom. The defeat of the Muslim League and the landslide victory of the United Front in the 1954 election stirred the power foundation of the Pakistan rulers. In 1965, in the name of basic democracy Ayub Khan snatched away the political rights of the people of this country through a farcical election, and thenceforth the movement of emancipation became voluminous. For release, the historical six-point claim was posed up in 1966. In 1968, Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman was arrested for the Agartala Conspiracy case.

Father Of Nation of Bangladesh
Father of Nation

But it was impossible to keep him in jail in the face of the mass movement. In 1969, Sheikh Mujib was set free along with other political captives. In the 1970 election, Awamileague got an absolute majority, but the Pakistan rulers began dilling dallying in the name of transition.

Historic March 7th speech:

On 7 March 1971 Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman in his speech in the then Dhaka Race Course Field (Suhrawardy Uddayan) public meeting indirectly declared Bangladesh independence saying

The struggle of this time is the struggle of freedom, the struggle of this time is that of liberation.

He called the people to jump into the freedom struggle with what instrument they had. The movement spread all over Bangla. By killing time, in the name of compromise, Yahya Khan sent soldiers and arms to East Pakistan from West Pakistan in secret, and in this way, he augmented power. Sheikh Mujib was rearrested and on 25 March 1971, Pakistan Army fell upon the unarmed people in the dead of night. The indiscriminate killing mission was launched in various Dhaka University student halls, Rajarbagh Police Lines, and on EPR.

On 26 March(Independence Day Of Bangladesh), from Chittagong kalur Ghat Betar Major Ziaur Rahaman, under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman, declared the independence of Bangladesh directly as a result of which we had to fight against the occupation Army of West Pakistan.

During a lurid situation of the war, lots of helpless Bangladesh took shelter in the neighboring country India. Training for the freedom struggle started there. Under the leadership of General Ataul Gani Osmani, Chief army man of Liberation War, Bangladesh was divided into 11 sectors.

 11 Sectors of Bangladesh Liberation War

They confronted to a face to face war with Pak Army. With the passage of time Liberation battalion became well organized. By adopting the policy of guerrilla war they threw the enemy into confusion. The vast enemy battalion harnessed with modern arms and amenities and training could not cope with our freedom fighters. During Liberation War some people of our country took Pakistan’s side; now they are known as ‘rajakar’. The basket holders to help their West Pakistan gods in various ways they preplanned formed many teams named ‘Rajakar’, ‘Al-Bodor’, ‘Al-Sams’ and the like. They cruelly killed our famous teachers, physicians, artists, journalists, and above all the intellectual figures.

Victory Day:

In December 1971, the freedom struggle came to its head; the Liberation battalion attack began to become wider than before, and the enemy began launching all-out ravage. But at last, finding no alternative occupation Pak Army surrendered condition essay to the Liberation battalion and the Alliance force on 16 December 1971. And now, we are the free people of Bangladesh; we have a distinctive map now. Centering around the events of the war we, the entire nation, have been united; we, the united nation, are persuaded by the patriotic sensation, and we observe and will observe 16 December as the Independence Day of Bangladesh.

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