Floods in Bangladesh
Floods in Bangladesh

The Recent Floods in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a low-lying riverine country. Flood is an annual feature in Bangladesh and every year it causes great damage to men, animals, and crops. It is a great calamity in our country. Almost every year the people of Bangladesh meet this natural calamity. As a result, they become homeless and helpless and die a miserable death.

What It Is:

Due to heavy rainfall and other causes when rivers and canals cannot hold water and overflow their banks and sweep over villages and towns,  it is called a flood.

Causes of Flood:

Flood is caused in many ways. Heavy rainfall is the main cause of it. Flood is caused by the overflow of water. Apart from rainwater, our rivers swoll up with the melting water of snow on mountains. This excess water overflows the banks of rivers and causes floods. Sometimes flood is caused by cyclones and tidal bores.

Effects of Food:

Flood causes great damage to our life and property. Crops are damaged, trees are uprooted and houses are washed away. The cattle are killed. Hundreds of people become homeless and helpless. They take shelter in schools, colleges, and on the high roads. They suffer much for want of pure drinking water. Communications are cut off. Normal activities are stopped and trade and commerce come to a deadlock.

After Effects:

The effect of floods is more dangerous. Family and epidemic break out as after-effects of the flood. The price of foodgrains and necessary commodities goes beyond the buying capacity of the common people.

The Recent Floods:

The recent floods of 1974, 84, 87, 88, 2004, and 06 and the flood of 1995, caused great havoc in Bangladesh. The flood of 1988 was unprecedented in our country. The whole country went under water and standing crops were totally damaged. Even almost the whole of Dhaka City went underwater which is unprecedented in history.

Means for prevention:

Floods should be prevented and controlled by any means. Both long and short-term plans can be taken to control floods. proper embankments should be constructed along the banks of rivers. The riverbeds should be dredged. Across the highways and railroads, more bridges should be built.


Flood is a natural calamity and it causes a huge loss to us every year. We hope that the flood problem in our country will be solved very soon. There is no cloud without its silver living. Even a flood has a good effect. It washes away the accumulated filth that produces germs of various diseases. The alluvia it leaves behind fertilizes the soil. 

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