Common Bird of Bangladesh

Common Bird

Introduction of Common Bird:

A Bird is a Common creature in all the countries of the world. There are many kinds of birds in Bangladesh. Her climate, her dense forests and green bushes, marshes, and pools attract birds from everywhere. We rise from bed and go to sleep with the songs of birds.

Among the birds, Doyel, Koyel, Shyama, Fingay, Chatak, Bulbuli, Tuntuni, Dove, Sparrow, Weaverbird, Salik, Myna, Parrot, Crane, Duck, etc. are seen in the different seasons. The crow is a common bird in our country. It is the most cunning of all birds. It is found in almost all the countries of the world.


The crow is a very ugly bird. It has a strong beak and strong wings. Its, legs are very ill-shaped with four talons ( ) in each. Its caw sound is very harsh ( কর্কশ ). For this, nobody likes it, and even some regard it as ominous ( অমঙ্গলজনক ).

Kinds and where found:

There are two kinds of crows, namely, the Raven and the Rocks. The crow is found in villages, towns, ports, and markets.


The crow eats whatever it finds, such as worms, rats, fish, and many other things. They eat many rotten things and the dead bodies of birds and beasts. They also eat chilies ( শুকনা মরিচ ).


The crow builds its nest on the branches of trees. It often throws eggs of cuckoos out of their nests and lay down eggs there. The crow rises very early. Their caws inform us of the daybreak.


The crow is, after all, a harmful bird. When it gets any opportunity, it takes away pieces of food from the babies. It steals aw most of our household articles ), such as soaps, foodgrains, chilies, etc. Again it does some good to us. It keeps our surroundings clean by eating rotten things. Crow has greater unity among them than other birds. They are found to help one another in times of danger.

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